The origin story (Read with low voice)

The year was 2020, and suddenly the world stood still. A poisonous virus was unleashed all over the entire planet by an unknown villain, so everyone took refuge in their homes. The world looked bleak, hatred and anger grew, the air was polluted, and corruption was rampant. Civilians took to the streets to demand change, which sparked hope in a few souls and inspired them to team up to do something about it.
They hoped to challenge the evil in the world, but knew that they couldn’t do it alone. They weren’t really heroes themselves, but did know how to help them. So they set out on a quest to find unsung heroes doing their part to bring humanity and the planet back to life. They did what they knew best—they coached these heroes on their missions, built their hideouts, helped them train, gave them kick-ass names, and dressed them up with vibrant, powerful super suits. And just like that, in the midst of all the chaos, Greater was born.

purpose awakes us

Our purpose is to uplift humanity by supporting hero entrepreneurs, brands, and companies that are working to build people-centered tools, sustainable systems, and a more just world. Make Super.


Alex Blaiotta

Design obsessed home chef. Enjoys photography and art making. BFA in Fine Arts from The School of Visual Arts. Currently making use of her thesis in sculpture to remodel her home.

Jonathan Bach

Loves film photography, poetry, and pizza. Board member of Roads to Success, a nonprofit focused on the mentorship and development of underprivileged youth in NYC. BS in Finance from NYU Stern.