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While working with the Arctober team on the 2020 festival, we realized that Archtober could expand past the month of October as their partners have year-round events. However, Archtober had no central, evergreen space to talk about and promote such events. What also became apparent was that even though the branding changed each year, making the festival dynamic, there was no core Archtober brand. We set out to change that.


Brand Identity



We pulled out the common themes found in every year’s aesthetic - the Archtober logo with its iconic box and the marigold yellow.

Then, we sought to mix that with the vibrant color application that the Archtober community loved from the2020 branding.  

The solution was a full bleed monochromatic implementation of color on each page.  Each page is bordered with a rectangle, making the browser screen a dynamic window through the Archtober logo. Each month is assigned a color from the palette, and as you navigate through the different events throughout the year, you will be taken through a spectrum of joyful colors. 

The challenge here was that by going with a monochromatic theme, we had to choose colors thoughtfully so that they weren’t just pleasing to the eye, but also passed ADA's guidelines for legibility. 

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