Black Lives Matter

January 7, 2021

Thinking about the social media blackout

In light of recent events, we've expanded our previous page that supports BLM.  Last year, a former client of ours asked us to either remove our "Made by Greater" byline from their website or change our website because they did not want their visitors to navigate to our page and see this:

As a society, we will have failed if we do not:

Dismantle white supremacy.
Defund the police.
Demolish systemic racial inequities.

We opted to remove our byline because our belief in this will not change and it's unacceptable to choose silence. Reform and systemic overhauls must happen and it needs to happen now. We must end this injustice that has been plaguing our country (and the world) for far too long.

Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others should be alive, today. The police who took their lives must be brought to justice. When you see clips of this past week's domestic terrorism as white supremists forcibly broke into the Capitol building, you can't help but notice the stark contrast in the police's efforts towards these radicals and their militarized attitude toward BLM activists. This isn't due to any lack of training or knowledge. The system is simply working exactly as it was made to. To not want to recognize this is a privilege. To choose not to recognize this is not only a privilege, but it is also violence to the people the system structurally harms and kills. As a company dedicated to design and change, we want to put as much effort behind this as we possibly can.  If you choose not to work with us because of this, we did not want your project in the first place.

We are and will remain committed to supporting equality and justice for the Black community. If you are an organization supporting this revolution and need creative, strategic, and/or marketing support, please reach out to us.

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